Written by: Rachael, Erika and Morgan

Treasure Every Somewhere: Next stop: NY/New England

Follow Along as We Strive to Treasure Every Somewhere This August

The Morgan Express will be heading east in August!

We will be setting out again for a three week adventure back east, in late August. We will visit family in upstate New York, friends in MA, and of course spend time on the Cape.

There will be some rest-stop sleeps, Cracker Barrel sleepovers, some driveway camping, some Harvest Host stays, and some campground stays.

Making Treasure Every Somewhere
Making of the Treasure Every Somewhere Custom Drawstring Bags
Treasure Every Somewhere
Model of our “Treasure Every Somewhere” Custom Drawstring Bag

Our 2023 Merch Features our New Motto!

“Treasure Every Somewhere” is some wisdom that we got from Morgan the Dog actually.

The entire time we’re driving the bus, Morgan sees all of it as the most exciting thing ever. He anticipates every single slow-down as potentially that we might be “somewhere” – it could be a dog park, meeting a new friend, arriving at the beach?It could also be traffic or a stop sign. His excitement is unwavering.

We have broken down at gas stations, and that meant that Somewhere was pump #2 on Easter Sunday, 2023, in the boonies. We resided at pump #2 for a day and a half. That was somewhere, and Morgan’s excitement was inspiring.

Rachael and Erika have taken on the motto to Treasure Every Somewhere as a good one for us, because we just do not know what’s ahead on the road, do we? We do know we will be somewhere, and we look forward to sharing much of it with friends, and to treasuring all that we can.

Follow along on our Instagram if you want. That’s where we share when we are on the road.

Treasure Every Somewhere

We are making up large, custom drawstring bags as merch to give away on our August 2023 trip. It’s not just meant to be a trinket, as we abhor obligatory gift-giving. We put a lot of thought into these things, and we wrote this up to explain where the details come from.

When we give you one of these drawstring bags, which we made one at a time in our home, we really do hope that you treasure every somewhere.

Treasure Every Somewhere 2023
Our “Treasure Every Somewhere” Design, with rounded text over a beach scene with the bus parked by the water, with #buslife inscribed. Morgan the Dog is standing out front and The Morgan Express is blocked out in large text on the lower right, with paw print cutouts. This is shown against a royal blue background, although we are using the design on varied colors of materials.

About Rachael, Erika and Morgan

In The Morgan Express bus, you are likely to find Erika, Rachael, and Morgan the Dog. We live fairly public lives. Morgan the Dog says, "Treasure Every Somewhere." To connect with the people, you can visit Rachael's website, or visit Erika's latest website, and The Morgan Express has a public Instagram if you want to follow us on the road.

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