Written by: Rachael, Erika and Morgan

This bus rides again! Next stop: NOLA

It will be 2500 miles round trip, taking us through several new states and into the deep south! Adventure?

The Morgan Express has its first 2023 Itinerary!

We sent the bus in to Kremer service for her annual physical, and told Doug to go ahead and fix anything he saw that may need fixing.

Now we’re set to go! We leave for New Orleans right after Rachael is done with church on Easter Sunday.

By Sunday night, we’ll be staying at a Harvest Host in Quincy, Illinois. Monday night, we’re in Mississippi. Tuesday afternoon, we’ll be in New Orleans.

The Morgan Express rides again
This is a map from Home in Minnesota, showing “The Plan” of our trip down to New Orleans, setting out on Easter Sunday, arriving Tuesday afternoon.
getting the bus ready to go
Erika (on the left) is outside in front of the bus, with Rachael (standing on the right). Morgan the Dog is on his leash, looking awkward, sitting in front of his Mommy.

What were we thinking?!

Rachael: “I’m looking forward to lots of reading on vacation, recovering from Holy Week (the busiest week of the year for pastors), and being in New Orleans for the first time!”

Erika: “I’m going for a conference (PAA), but also looking forward to seeing new places and hoping my health does not get in the way! Wanna see my presentation?”

Morgan the Dog: “I mean, just follow your nose. Go the long way! This is my way of life, and I love my bus for the adventures it lets me go on with my Mommy, and we take Erika with us!”

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