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The Morgan Express

Go the long way.

Welcome! Our 2024 plans are looking great!

Our maiden #buslife #vanlife voyage around the U.S. in The Morgan Express shuttle bus to RV conversion project took place during an epic Summer 2022 sabbatical roadtrip, spanning 5k miles and living six weeks on the road.

bus at rest
Passenger side of The Morgan Express bus is shown resting in the driveway in late afternoon sunlight.
go the long way
Our magnet wall inside the bus as of Sept. 2022, showing the places we went on that first trip. It’s more filled in now but this first trip was special.

When the sea is calling, we must go.

We are so grateful for the travels this project has made possible for us. We have just a few blog posts on this site, mostly to explain logistics and things. If you want to know more about this project or our travels, both past and planned, you should follow us on Intagram.

Morgan the Dog
Morgan the Dog is vectorized into a cartoon graphic that we put on merch to give to our hosts and friends.