Welcome! Our maiden #buslife #vanlife voyage around the U.S. in The Morgan Express shuttle bus to RV conversion project took place during an Epic Summer 2022 Sabbatical Roadtrip, wrapping up after six weeks and 5k miles on the road. We journaled on Instagram.

As we update the bus, and when we make new trips in The Morgan Express, we share about it on IG. There’s also a lot of “time capsule” footage from the shuttle bus conversion that will make its way onto IG eventually – stay tuned.

Rachael, Erika, and Morgan the Dog

The Morgan Express Shuttlebus Conversion
The Morgan Express Shuttlebus
The Morgan Express Summer 2022 Shuttlebus Flyer
The Morgan Express Summer 2022 sticker from our shuttlebus-to-tiny-home / RV conversion maiden cross-country tour

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