Written by: Rachael, Erika and Morgan

What Does it Mean to Let Us Park in Your Driveway?

Great question. Let us explain.

Plan One

let us park in your driveway one night

our bus fits snugly into a regular parking spot, a bit long (see pics below)

we will really appreciate getting a good night’s sleep, knowing we won’t get “the knock” from anti-homeless vigilantes asking us to move along

Plan Two

same as PLAN ONE plus:

+ let us plug in our extension cord so we can recharge batteries and run air conditioning – we are glad to pay you for this, just a regular outlet would be great if you have it

+ let us top off our 25 gallon fresh water tank with our hose (it has filters) – we are glad to pay you for this too

About The Bus


The Morgan Express is a Chevy Express 3500 that runs on gas, has excellent mechanics, and is not quite finished on the inside. It does not require a special license to drive it. We do have solar power, batteries, water tanks, a kitchen area, a premium bed, shower, bathroom, and sitting area/booth. We have Allstate insurance and the vehicle is registered in MN as an RV.

The dimensions are: 23′ long and the highest point is: 9′. Also see pics below.

the Morgan Express hat
Rachael’s sabbatical hat


We can eat, sleep, bathe, cook, and live fully within the bus.

Download more icon variants from https://tabler-icons.io/i/bus Thanks for Considering Letting Us Park in Your Driveway

Let Us Know if you Have Questions and if you’d like to give us space

Photos of the bus in a parking spot

It looks a lot more like a shuttle bus than an RV on the outside
bus size for parking

Short link back to this page: erka.me/park

About Rachael, Erika and Morgan

In The Morgan Express bus, you are likely to find Erika, Rachael, and Morgan the Dog. We live fairly public lives. Morgan the Dog says, "Treasure Every Somewhere." To connect with the people, you can visit Rachael's website, or visit Erika's latest website, and The Morgan Express has a public Instagram if you want to follow us on the road.

18 thoughts on “What Does it Mean to Let Us Park in Your Driveway?”

  1. You are welcome to park in my driveway while in the Weymouth area. Easy access to Great esker park for dog walking.

  2. You are welcome to park in our driveway and use our amenities free of charge. We have a fenced in yard for Morgan. We have easy access to water spigot and regular power outlets (not a fancy car charger). You can stay even if we are away. I am not aware of any city bans on parking such vehicles in our private property. We have a driveway we use for our vehicles and the other driveway would be yours alone. We are easy access to l-70 Bexley OH exit.

    • Sounds great – thank you. In your case though, we both really do want to see/meet you if possible. We don’t know our schedule yet but we could visit you either on the way out east or back, perhaps depending on when you’re more likely to be home. We should message about this and hopefully figure it out so we can meet up. – Erika

    • I mean, having stayed at Millett Manor many times, always five stars, we’d love to include a Lowell stop… there’s space somewhere not in the way? I wasn’t sure about that part…
      – Erika

        • Hey Lindsey, Across the street? Like, not at your place where we last visited you guys (turn right, right, right) but literally across the street? Hmm… there have been moves… lots of changes in three years I see. But thank you! We’ll be in touch when we know the days we’ll be in Lowell. ❤️ I have Evan’s cell. 🙂 – Erika

    • We will definitely park in your driveway. We will be making a couple of stops before we head to the Cape. I’ll let you know when we are headed your way. ❤️ Rachael

  3. Let us know if you are in western ma and need a spot, we have a big driveway, power, and water–though the water doesn’t taste great for drinking it is safe and we use for everything else. We are in the woods in Montgomery about 20 min from 90 and 91.

    • Thanks, Carol and Tadd. I think we will be driving thru Western Mass, so I will let you know if we could use a spot when we do. ❤️ – Erika

  4. Not sure where you are in your journey, but if 1505 Hoke Landing Lane in Raleigh (really south of Raleigh, in the Garner area) fits your itinerary before July 26, you’re happy to park here!

    • Thank you, Amy. I don’t know if we will make there before the end of July. If we do, I’ll be in touch. -Rachael


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